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This is a collective of advice given by some of the talented people I’ve had the opportunity to interview. From Dancers to Artists, and everything in between, you should be able to find some empowering advice to help inspire you in some way.

What advice would you give to those aspiring to become a dancer?

Learn your basics and make sure you find 1st why you love to dance. Many people like dance to get girls or to look cool but those are the wrong reasons. You have to find a true love for dance for you to be able to stick with it. Also find a good group of friends that share your passion and this will push you to go beyond your craziest dreams. Bboy Vincanity (2nd Nature, Capitol Roots)

What advice would you give to the next generation of artists who aspire to do what you do?

Every moment you have, create. If you are taking art classes, spend every moment outside of that class creating. Create and have a work ethic that is mistaken as an obsession, or a habit. Get used to it, because when you do become more in demand, that’s all you do. For painters, create what you are passionate about outside of art. Horses, science, architecture, etc. Become an expert and create based on that. You will attract people who are into similar subjects, and not only will they become supporters and possibly friends, they also become collectors. David Garibaldi (Performance Painter)

Do you have any advice you can give to the next generation of Bboy’s?

To always believe in yourself. Study the history of Dance. Keep pushing the package, meaning keep making up new moves. Jeffery “Machine” McCann (Bboy Machine, West Bound Dance Company)

What advice would you give to dancers/choreographers who are looking to take their craft to the next level?

Train, research and take risks!!! I feel its important to step out of your comfort zone, especially as a choreographer. To stand out from the rest and gain your own identity! Dance is forever evolving and choreographers should always try to push the boundaries. Research different styles, look at the greats i.e Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly, Nicolas Brothers, and see how they constructed their dances.

As a dancer, remember you are always a student. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in a vulnerable position and learn!!!

As a choreographer, music is key!!!! Loose yourself in the music, break it all down and add a piece of yourself into what you want others to see and feel. Aim to inspire.

To both I’d say a motto Flawless go by: “Chase The Dream, Not The Competition
Nathan “Neo” Gordon (Choreographer, Photographer, 1/10th of Flawless Ent.)

What are some of the daily disciplines and habits required to be a successful Dance Crew?

PRACTICE both individually and as a crew, Commitment, and of course Passion. You have to have the drive to move forward and a vision of where you want to be. Then shoot for the Stars! Phunk Phenomenon Dance Crew (ABDC Season 6, Hip Hop for Hope)

What does it take to be successful in something you aspire to do?

A person once said to me, “It’s not what you do from 9-5, it’s what you do from 5-9.” As I grew to fall in love with the different creative outlets that I’m doing, I’ve realized it’s what you do from 5-3 a.m. You have to love what you do and be okay with being alone while you are working on your dreams. Never think about the dream as being the payoff, but know that the journey of the dream process is the most important thing. The payoff is just a little extra gift. Shawn Welling (Choreographer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Electric Light Circus, AXI)

What advice would you give to dancers who want to follow in your foot steps?

Just be yourself and keep up the hard work. Never give up and always be honored for what you have. Be a man without pretence, always believe and always learn. JaJa Vankova (I.aM.mE Crew)

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? And, in your mind how important is it to have family and friends supporting your dreams?

Study your craft. Alot of people say never give up, keep trying, but if you really want to succeed you have to really study your craft, and really work on the skill of it and technique! And yea family and friends are defo important..but they will always support you no matter what..its to get the people that don’t know you to support you which is the test! Once you have their recognition and respect is when you know you have achieved something, which is a life long thing! MC Zani (UK Beatboxing Champion)

Can share some advice for someone looking to get in the music game? What are some of the first steps you recommend they take?

The advice I will give to someone looking to get into the music game is to be original, and stay true to what you believe in. The first steps I would recommend is to build a strong team of supporters that will go hard for you and your music on any given day. Rello (Hip Hop Recording Artist)

Please comment and share any advice you have for those following their dreams…and always…

Think & Dream Big!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Nice post! Really like Rello, Shawn Welling, and MC Zani’s advice! Great way to be inspired and push forward! Thanks DG!

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