My name is Gabriel Thomas, CEO/Founder of Dancersglobal.com. I started DG as a resource to give dancers a place to call home, share who they are, their talents, and expose them & the art of dance to a larger audience.

Along the way, I realized something; my deep connection and love for music. This made me realize the obvious, that music and dance go hand-in-hand so naturally I started adding music and videos to the mix.

You will find interviews from artists and the dancers who bring their music to life, music (mostly free legal downloads), music videos, dance videos, original content, and more.

“Dance + Music = Life” – Someone Brilliant

I hope that you find Dancersglobal to be a valuable resource and I’ll strive to continue bringing the best content possible. Stay inspired. Stay Blessed. Dance!


Gabriel Thomas

If you have questions, suggestions or feedback email info(at)dancersglobal.com