Alexander Star – Tetrys (Get In Where U Fit In)

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I came across Alexander Star while searching for music by Violinist, Black Violin and MAN I’m glad that I did. This is one of the most diverse albums I’ve heard in a long time and the lyrics, delivery, and style of the artist is “Raw.

You can tell by the quality of his music that Alexander is on his “Overtime Grind” and ready for the “Limelight.”

Alexander’s lyrics will hit your soul like a “Meteorite” and I’m sure I can put words into his mouth for a moment, and say you will know soon “Who We Are.”

“What It Feelz Like” to me is I’ve stumbled upon a brilliant writer who isn’t afraid to share his “Freedom Flow” with the world.

“Thoughts drop down…I rotate shapes…figure out the best fit, and then I put ’em in place – TETRYS.” – Alexander Star

The track “Dreamz Of Mine” is something most of us can relate to, especially if you’re going or gone through struggles. As long as you have the courage to ask the Lord to please hear “My Prayer” there’s no reason your dreams can’t come true!

Dream Big & “Touch The Sky.”

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