America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 7) Premiere | Britney Spears – Episode 1

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Tonight is the return of, Randy Jackson’s – America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 7), and the dance community is definitely buzzing about it through social media. You can feel the anticipation and pure excitement for tonight’s premiere!

What’s even more exciting is MTV bringing back the, Season of the Superstars, with crew challenges coming from Britney Spears, Madonna, Rihanna, and more. Judging this years competition will be D-trix, Lil Mama, JC Chasez and of course we can’t forget the host, Mario Lopez.

This years crews are Step Boys, Mos Wanted Crew, Rated Next Generation, Irratik, 8 Flavahz, Funkdation, Elektrolytes, Mix’d Elements, Fanny Pak, and Collizion Crew.

The five crews performing for ABDC’s Season 7 Premiere are Fanny PaK, 8 Flavahz, Irratik, Mix’d Elements, and STEPBOYS! The five crews opened the show performing to Britney Spears, “I wanna go.”

The first crew to perform was 8 Flavahz, to a master mix of Britney Spears, “3.” They did a good job and are very acrobatic.

D-Trix said, “Y’all just set the bar for Season 7 from the first get go.” Both JC and Lil Mama gave positive feedback to the all girl crew, 8 Flavahz.

The second crew to perform was Mix’d Elements, to a master mix of Britney Spears, “Till the world Ends.” They had a cool mixture of Bboyin, flips, and comedy in their performance.

JC said, “The floor work was clean” and “I also loved your enthusiasm.” Both D-Trix and Lil Mama thought they had some cool moves.

The third crew to perform was Irratik, to a master mix of Britney Spears, “Hold it against me.” This all girl crew killed it.

Lil Mama said, “It was a good performance.” JC gave good constructive criticism and D-Trix gave some hilarious feedback/comments to the crew.

The fourth crew to perform was Stepboys, to a master mix of Britney Spears, “If you seek Amy.” Their performance was very entertaining and absolutely hilarious.

D-Trix said, “I think you guys had great moments and the storytelling is brilliant,” but he also let the crew know to work on their dancing/technique. JC thought the gags were elementary and to work on the choreography. Lil Mama thought the performance was a little slow, but picked up towards the end.

The fifth and final crew to perform was Fanny Pak, to a master mix of Britney Spears, “Womanizer.” I thought their choreography was the best of the night.

Lil Mama said, “You guys define originality.” D-Trix let the crew know they deserved to be on the show and JC thought the crews opening was captivating.

After all the performances, Mario Lopez announced which crews would safely move to the next round, 8 Flavahz, Fanny Pak, Irratik, and StepBoys. Mix’d Elements will have to come back and go head-to-head with the bottom crew in Episode 2.

The next five crews to perform in Episode 2 are Mos Wanted Crew, Rated Next Generation, Funkdation, Elektrolytes, and Collizion Crew. Did I mention they’ll perform with Flo Rida? See you next week! Episode 2

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  1. Jessica says:

    Great show tonight! All the crews did a good job but my favorites so far are StepBoys & Fanny Pak! I can’t wait till next week to see the other crews perform with Flo Rida! See you there DG!

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