Battlefield America Soundtrack Mixtape Vol. 2 – Marques Houston

| June 3, 2012 | 8 Comments

Jahlil Beats and Marques Houston Present: Battlefield America Soundtrack Mixtape Volume 2. Music from the original motion picture.

Track List

1) If you know
2) Make believe
3) Never lead you on
4) Cocky

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Category: R&B

Comments (8)

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  1. estherjcksn7 says:

    Yes…something new from MH and I’m really liking it. Give me more!

  2. srhlee74 says:

    I’m Marques biggest fan…every song on this mixtape is bangin…love you Marques

  3. ps6681 says:

    Need more songs MH! But I love the ones that you did give me 🙂

  4. johnsonjohn982 says:

    Good mixtape.

  5. yasminrbrts says:

    It doesn’t matter what Marques puts out, I love everything that he does. I just downloaded the mixtape earlier and I saw his movie Battlefield America over the weekend…both are good!

  6. kvnjcksn99 says:

    Been a minute since i heard something from MH. I’m feeling #4 Cocky

  7. smithjackie18 says:

    I just download Marques’ mixtape and I love it. I’m very glad that Marques has some new music out.

  8. sabraham45 says:

    I love this mixtape! I just downloaded it earlier today!

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