Battleground America Highschool Dance Crew Battle

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The Battleground America competition is an invitational 5v5 All Style High School only dance battle. Only five students can enter to represent an invitational high school, as that high school’s team. These representatives will be battling against the dance representatives of the other high schools. Competitors will be competing and learning to bond within their (Age Group) community rather than the older more advanced environment; in addition to community involvement we will be opening this event to family members and friends.

This event will help foster relationships and connections between the youth as well as between me (Marcus Edralin) so that they can better understand the Hip Hop scene within Sacramento. We will also be advertising the release of the movie, Battlefield America, and hopefully we all as a cumulative group of Sacramento dancers will be going to see the movie. Come check it out! You won’t want to miss this event of the year!

WHEN: Friday, June 1, 2012
Doors Open: 3:30pm
Competition Begins: 4:00pm
Competition Ends: 9:00pm
Closing Time: 9:00pm-9:30pm

WHERE: C.K. Mc Clatchy High School MAIN GYM
3066 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, California 95818

Competitors $5.00
Spectators $3.00
**Competitors and student spectators MUST bring their student ID’s.
(If competitors bring three family members, get one in free)

PRIZE: $150.00 and a trophy (Custom School Bandanas)

Justin Cabreros a.k.a Vybe (Funky Fresh/JediAssasins),
Matthew Thao a.k.a Lil Matt (Flex Flav),
Sylvester Vang a.k.a Popperazzi (2nd Nature)

EMCEE: Marcus Edralin

DJ: Dj Vicente

1. C.K. McClatchy High School
2. Hiram Johnson High School
3. West Campus High School
4. Luther Burbank High School
5. Sacramento High School
6. Antelope High School
7. Laguna Creek High School
8. Sheldon High School
9. Monterey Trails High School
10. Franklin High School
11. Elk Grove High School
12. Consumnes Oaks High School
13. Florin High School
14. Valley High School
15. Inderkum High School
16. Natomas Charter High School
17. Grant High School
18. Woodland High School
19. Rio Linda High School
20. American Legion High School
21. John F. Kennedy High School
22. Pleasant Grove High School

**All teams are REQUIRED to complete pre-registration in order to be officially eligible to battle at the event. To receive pre-registration information, contact Marcus Edralin via email at The DEADLINE to submit in all pre-registration documents is Friday, May 18, 2012.


Round 1

Showcase Battle (Take Top 8 Teams)
The teams which do the best within the 5 minute time frame will be selected.

Round 2

1st to 3 Points (Me vs. U Coin Flip)
After selecting which team goes first an ambassador from each team will call out heads or tails to determine who gets to choose who they wish to battle.
(Winning ambassador will be required to battle)
*First to win 3/5 battles proceeds to next round

Round 3

1st to 3 Points Octagon (Me vs. U Coin Flip)
Competitors will be facing off in a coned/caution taped arena where their performance is based on how well they utilize or don’t utilize the octagon.
*First to win 3/5 battles proceeds to next round; this will also be to the Me vs. U Coin Flip setup

Round 4 (Finals)

Pick Your Poison & All vs. All
After selecting which team goes first said team will choose 3 genres to battle to, then the opposing team will select their 3 genres and music will be played in that order (5 Rounds Each Team).

(After each round the victors will be taking the losing team’s custom bandana)

RSVP for the event here

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