Advice for Dancers Series – How to become a better dancer

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In this edition of Advice for Dancers, you’ll get some knowledge from a variety of dancers on How To Become A Better Dancer. The information here is from a video interview feat: Mr. Wiggles, Link, Salah, Stretch, Lyle Beniga, Yeya, Elm Pizarro & Patrick Karijowidjojo. I’ve summarized what the interviewee’s had to say below.

How to become a Better Dancer

Yeya – Practice is the only answer. There is no teacher or no school that is going to make you who you want to be. You have to make it happen yourself. There are ways to learn without even having a teacher, just watching people. Nowadays we have youtube, and all the information like an open book. Pick and choose from different teachers, take that to you, and just practice.

Elm Pizarro – You can learn a lot from other styles and incorporate what you’ve learned and develop it into your own style. It’s important to get into as many styles as possible, and don’t limit yourself.

Patrick Karijowidjojo – What’s most important to be heading towards a good dancer is personality first. Stay modest, humble, don’t show off or be cocky, and have your heart in a good place.

Mr. Wiggles – Always go to the root of the dance. If you’re going to study ballet your not going to jump right to expert level. If you study martial arts you gotta start a white belt. Even if you have been dancing all your life go study the root of each style. Learn the fresno for popping. Learn the rock for Hip Hop. Learn the basic lock, and the rock steady move for locking. Learn all the basics of each style in today’s dance. Once you learn the root and basics you add your own flavor to it. It’s all about individuality!

B. Stretch & Link – In dance if you want to learn something you find out the technique, rhythm, and background of it, then you have to practice. You have to put in work and have the passion for it.

Salah – Nobody is lucky, you create your luck. How? Practice.

You can watch the full video version of the interviews here

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