Interview with Kash Gaines of YAKfilms – YAK Like You Know (Part 1)

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If you are active in the global dance community, then you’ve definitely seen and heard of YAKFilms. If not you’re about to. This international production team has blazed an online trail with their unique, stylish, and game changing urban dance videos. YAKfilms, brings to surface the best dancers from around the world and showcases them through their brand of YAK Filmmaking.

Additionally, they’ve made an impact in the community through Youth UpRising, and have been featured on the number one site in the world twice, The Huffington Post. You can check them out here Turf Feinz and King Bones & DJ Aaron. In part 1, we’ll explore how YAKfilms was born, what they’re working on next, and their inspiring vision..

Can you share some background on who Kash Gaines & Yoram Savion are, and how YAKfilms was birthed?

I’ve been a fan of dance for a long time and have always watched dance videos, DVDs, movies, TV shows, etc. I would watch dance videos so much sometimes that I wouldn’t sleep some days. I was merely a mass consumer though. I never had a desire to film it until meeting Yo and learning video editing.

Yoram has been always been obsessed with filmmaking since he was very young. He has always needed to know what the newest equipment is, new programs for editing, techniques, etc. However he didn’t know much about the dance community or have the desire to.

We met in 2007 when he was finishing college. He was teaching a summer workshop at a youth center in Oakland (Youth UpRising). After I finished learning alot of the training he was giving, he was hired as the photographer for the center, and I was his assistant.

Eventually, we made more and more videos though and helped the centers youtube account grow to 1 million views. We started doing more things for fun with new cameras after working with a separate youtube account that we started, and named as an acronym of our first names (Yoram And Kash films.)

We are now lucky enough to say that our team has expanded to include Ben Tarquin (known as Bzwax) who is a well known music producer for YAKfilms videos and underground artists worldwide. Alot of our new followers came with him and helped us have our own style of sound.

What are some up and coming projects from YAKfilms?

We are continuing to create dance videos (how we began) but we are trying to move our youtube account to feel more like a channel on tv. Regular programs come out at certain times like our YLYK show, which I host, every Monday. The goal of that show is to promote upcoming dancers, dance styles, and videos while still being informative and classy. Then we are trying to attend more events to document the dance community in their own atmosphere and showcase it correctly.

We are doing dance tutorials to allow people to get to hear and see up close dancers that they have idolized for a long time in the dance community. Instead of the conventional “teach you the basics” video, ours are more for the dancers watching and who may know the style of the dancer speaking. Instead its a “here’s a combo I made and use, and I give it to you”. This keeps the instructor constantly creating new things, and gives the dancer watching the opportunity to feel out a new style and practice how to make it their own.

We also have our twitter account @YAKfilms growing like crazy as we are starting to find and show even more crazy videos online and making sure that our fans see them first.

We are also open to teaching workshops at summer dance camps, universities, high schools, and doing lectures with Q and A. We can teach photography, video composition, video editing basics, etc.

What impact do you hope to make around the globe through YAKfilms brand of filmmaking?

We want to inspire people around the world to film themselves and share their art. We mainly began as a media team that wanted to reestablish the look of youth in Oakland, since they have only recently been portrayed as violent, lazy and uneducated.

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  1. Lee says:

    Yo’re doin it big with these interviews. Yak Films posts dope videos all the time, and feature some of the best dancers in the world.. are you guys friends?

    • admin says:

      Thanks man I appreciate that. It’s exciting to connect with creative filmmakers, especially when it’s related to dance. Their video’s are definitely cool..Thanks for the support

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