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| November 28, 2011 | 30 Comments

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air in the music game then you’ve found him. Rello, is one of the sickest artists I’ve heard in a long time, and is sure to be next to blow up. Additionally, 19-year-old Chicago rapper, Rello is one of the most positive people one could ever meet. His outlook on life and overall attitude, coupled with a distinct flow and songwriting ability make him one of the most promising young guns in the industry. You can get learn more about Rello here.

How did you end up getting signed to Mathaus Entertainment at the age of 15?

I was battling some other artist in my school, and my homie Kayode heard me and told me his dad had a record company and I met with this dad which is Mathaus the following week, and after that it was history, he signed me after the first studio session.

What are some of the big goals you hope to achieve in the next 2-5 years as an artist?

I want to be a platinum recording artist under Mathaus Entertainment, living great influencing the youth to stay positive and dream larger than life its self.

What are some of the roadblocks you’ve had to overcome while in pursuit of your dreams?

The biggest roadblock that I had to overcome was seeing my moms struggle to raise 5 kids on her own, that made me want to grind harder to make her life way easier and give her things she never thought she would have.

Who’s your dream collaboration with?

I would love to do a song with J.Cole, to me he is the realist in the game right now.

Can share some advice for someone looking to get in the music game? What are some of the first steps you recommend they take?

The advice I will give to someone looking to get into the music game is to be original, and stay true to what you believe in. The first steps I would recommend is to build a strong team of supporters that will go hard for you and your music on any given day.

When is your debut album “City of Dreams” set to release? Tour dates?

My album City Of Dreams is set to release On Valentines Day of 2012, tour dates coming soon.

Make sure to support REAL talent by purchasing Rello’s music when it’s available! Until then keep “Chasin Goals” and….

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“I’m chasing dreams sorta like jeans, boy I aint slackin” –  J.Cole

“Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself.” – Jay Z

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  1. LovesAmbition says:

    I support you and love your ambition. we need more young men like you and you are going to go very far… in life. Just stay focused and motivated and your dreams will manifest. – Q

  2. chatman says:

    Hard work and dedication will take you anywhere.

  3. Mic Millz says:

    Thats wassup bro keep grindin!! you know im ridin wit you

  4. Bot Jizzle says:

    i wanna see you blow up early keep grindin bro

  5. Domo says:

    Rello puttin in work in hard work the studio…..this what the rap game need, positivity and hard work. Keep doin yo thang big bro #DreamORDie

  6. Taylorr Starr says:

    Keep up the good work and success will come your way.!

    • admin says:

      Great advice! Also stay true to yourself and be innovative…don’t attempt to someone else..there’s only one you, and that’s what makes you unique!

  7. Damien says:

    Im new to Rello, but from listening to his music, and few times ive talked to him. Rello is by far one the realest rappers in the game. He has me running after my dream, and has impacted me ever since i spoke to him. Never in my life did i think a rapper would take the time to talk to his fans as much as he does. Mad respect for him doing his thang, but staying true to real and good music. Keep doing your than Rello, we all dreamers.

  8. Jackie-O says:

    Rello is doing his thang right now, he is one of the better rappers in Chicago! keep motivating bro! you gone make it!

  9. Ju Ju says:

    Stay grindin my dude… u reppin da whole land.. sumboy got a make it… we kno u got wat it take..

  10. Jaquelaa says:

    Keep up the good work Curtrell.. I aint know you been rapping since 15.. Thats awesome… & imma need some cds bos 🙂 GOOD LUCKKKKKK!!!!!

  11. DR Cirocboy says:

    Stay hungry and humble and no matter what remain hungry, that’s how a lot of artists fall off. You are on the right path

  12. Dashawn S says:

    Rello raps inspiration! thats what we need now at this point of time in this nation. Lets SUPPORT and keep his name growing

  13. Victor E says:

    Keep dreaming big Rello…Onward and Upward!

  14. Kemi Cole says:

    Proud of Rello!!! I like the fact that he’s doing this for not only himself but the youth as well. The youth needs some, well ALOT of positivity , and its great that its coming from a peer, especially a rapper where positivity is not so common. So props to my brother Rello for his movement and for staying true to himself. he’s what this generation needs.

  15. smoody says:

    every line on point n he’s gettin better n better n time will only make him keep getting better

  16. christina thomas says:

    Love his positive attitude!

  17. ryan says:

    Proud of u rello!!! Dreaming!! shotouts to big bro Rello!

  18. Millz says:

    S/O to my Little bro Rello, and the whole Mathaus Entertainment, History is being made! Keep up the good work Rello!

  19. #CMG says:


  20. Marcus B. says:

    I watched Rello grow into the artist he is today, and he is still going to get better. Much love to Rello and his movement! We gone stay Chasing Goals!

  21. AnduFro says:

    i support Mathaus Gang all day long….Rello one of the realest rappers out hear right now.

  22. Daniel S. says:

    Rello decent, i want to hear some new material from him.

  23. hiphophead says:

    Rello is the NEXT to blow!

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