DG Artist Interview: Dawn Richard talks GoldenHeart, Creativity in Music, Global Distribution, and More!

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Dawn Richard (formerly of Diddy’s Dirty Money & Danity Kane) is ready to take over the world, metaphorically speaking of course, with the first album from “TheHeartTrilogy” titled GoldenHeart. The future brand begins her journey towards becoming a household name with the first single “86,” showcasing the angelic beauty of her voice, as well as her versatility as an artist. The track is R&B in its purest form, bleeding with vulnerable and heartfelt lyrics; offering a prelude of what is musically to come.

As an entertainer, Dawn is embracing her artistry with passion, commitment, and pure ambition all characteristics of a true warrior. Let me also add, Dawn is an amazing dancer as seen in her recent “Wild N’ Faith” (Dance Version) Music Video, off the critically acclaimed “Armor On” EP. In our recent interview, Dawn discusses her debut album GoldenHeart (scheduled for release 1-15-13), TheHeartTrilogy, thoughts on creativity in today’s music, exciting news for the hearts, and more; lets get empowered…

Talk about your debut album ‘GoldenHeart’ and what the feeling of this record will be..
Ethereal. It sounds like strength and hope – the soundtrack to a warriors life.

Do you have specific tracks on the album that are close to your heart?
This entire album is close to my heart. It’s the beginning of everything for me!

What made you decide on doing ‘TheHeartTrilogy’ and how will the mood of each album differ from one another?
It will be three stages of a battle. The moment you step to the line to fight Goldenheart there’s that anticipation, the rawness and chaotic choices you make. That sound is passion. In Blackheart you feel melancholy. The pain of losing soldiers along the way. A sense of eeriness. And RedemptionHeart is finding your way. Celebrating those who have made it and those who have fought for change.

I heard the exciting news regarding your new distribution deal! Can you share the details, and what this means for you as an artist, your team, and of course your amazing fans?
It means the movement is now physically global, I can reach every heart out there. Also, it’s an acting business move for us. We can expand our brand and sign artist if we want to. This is an all around exciting time for the heart movement.

What big dreams and goals do you have as a solo artist?
World domination of course (lol)! No but seriously, to leave my mark as an artist and make an impacting contribution to music.

Do you feel creativity has been lost in much of today’s music?
I feel like people just haven’t seen our movement yet! There is a lot of creativity out there. I think it just isn’t being seen in the forefront.

Talk a little on the importance of having a strong team as an Indie Artist (Or, period).
They are why I’m still here. They keep things simple and to the point. It’s similar to running a small business. Hard work and relationships are key.

Any special shout-outs you’d like to give?
Just thank you to my team and the hearts that keep the core beating.

“I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.” – Sylvester Stallone

Connect with Dawn Richard
Twitter @dawnrichard
Facebook www.facebook.com/dawnrichard
Website www.dawnrichardblog.com
Tumblr www.dawnrichard.tumblr.com

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