I’m Tryin’ by Shane Sparks

| July 10, 2012 | 1 Comment


First I wanna thank God for the air I breath, my healthy body, everyday that I wake up, and for watching over my family.


We work hard for what we achieve and it can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye…People tell us to BE STRONG…I’M TRYIN’!

I’M TRYIN’…to except that the people closes to you are always the ones to hurt you.

I’M TRYIN’…to keep my good heart and not let the deprived and harden hearted people who want to destroy me, steal my JOY.

I’M TRYIN’… to understand why the person you help the most is the most unappreciative of you.

I’M TRYIN’… to understand why people who don’t see their own faults, see faults in everybody else. If you feel something say it; the more you hold it in, the less people will understand when you finally have something to say.

I’M TRYIN’…to make people understand that if their life isn’t what they want it to be it’s nobodies fault but there’s. If your life seems future less and headed down a dead end road, look back on your past, think about the present, analyze it, and change your future.

My mother always told me – “As long as you got your mind you can always come back!!”

I’m not perfect but, I’M TRYIN’!!

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Shane Sparks

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  1. C-Bass says:

    Love this! Thank you for the rawness and realness of this post!

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