Interview with multi-award winning R&B Sensation – Daniel de Bourg

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DG proudly presents: Interview with multi-award winning R&B Sensation – Daniel de Bourg.

Just when I thought real R&B was dying, Daniel de Bourg’s music made its way into my headphones and revived that soulful feeling that’s been missing in the game for so long. No autotune, just R&B in its purest form. As someone who’s been signed to a major label, toured as a professional dancer, and worked with some of the industries best, it’s safe to say Daniel has paid his dues.

Now making his way as an indie artist, Daniel has found his calling and is paving his way to success through a flourishing YouTube channel, a die-hard fan base (TEAMDDB), Multi-Award Winning Mixtape Series, and a brand new album in the works. Let me introduce you to the man who proves talent, passion, and strong work ethic can lead you to the life of your dreams…Daniel de Bourg!

How do you feel about today’s R&B Artists/Music?
R&B has always been an ever-evolving genre. It changes fast too. Right now we’re in a phase of dance driven songs in the mainstream. There are guys like the Weeknd, Miguel, and of course Drake that are taking R&B to a great place; darker, electro based material. I love it.

You recently signed to an independent record label instead of a mainstream label. Can you share which label and what prompted your decision?
It was an easy choice. We had two major deals on the table at the top of the year, plus a very interesting offer from a new independent. I’ve been signed to a major label before and ended up getting shelved for almost 4 years. No escape. Not fun. I wasn’t going to risk it again, plus I have much more control of my music with my label now. They trust me. They listen to me. They support me 100% rain or shine. That is all an artist can ask for.

Who are some of the artists you aspire to work with?
There are many…in fact, we’re aiming on getting a couple to feature on the album. If you can dream it, you can do it. 😉

What BIG dreams do you have as an artist/entertainer? What about in general?
I just want to share my music. I bare my soul when I sing and you get all of me. If I can continue to inspire and connect with my fans then I will be a happy guy. I’m also looking at moving into acting in a couple of years…the big screen captivates me. I want to be a part of that.

You just completed the 3rd & final volume of your multi-award winning “DDB Mixtape Series” and currently in the studio recording a new album. Will you be writing and producing the album yourself? Features? Any additional info you’d like to share at this time?
I’m writing & co-writing with some incredible writers/producers on the album…Grammy award winners. I’d love to tell you more, but I’d rather wait until it’s time to start dropping bombs! Lets just say I’m very excited and extremely grateful to be able to have the quality of musicians at my disposal. The album is really something. I’m very proud of it.

The world is saturated with people who want to be singers, entertainers, etc., but may not understand the work that goes on behind the scenes. Can you share some of the habits, disciplines, and commitments necessary to be an artist in the music business?
Rule no. 1 – You have to be very thick skinned. You will have knock backs. Allow them to make you stronger.

Rule no. 2 – Some will love you, others will hate you or become very jealous when you start getting attention. Don’t let it effect you. Just focus on those that connect with you and be grateful for them.

Rule no. 3 – Dedicate yourself to your art. Work hard and push yourself in every element involved in your development. I try to get better everyday. If I don’t feel I’ve improved vocally then I will work double hard the next day. The same applies for the visual side of your ‘brand’. If you want to be the best you can be you must make sacrifices, i.e…. lay off the donuts!

Rule no. 4 – Believe. Don’t be arrogant, just trust in the universe and the amazing powers we all have inside of us.

Rule no. 5 – Stay humble! The industry is full of ego driven psycho’s, don’t be like them! When the spotlight finally drifts away from these poor people they become depressed and bitter. Remember who you are and never put yourself above another soul. We’re all in this together!

Any special shout-outs you’d like to give?
Yes! TEAMDDB…I love you guys! They know this already but hey, it’s the truth! I have incredible support around the world now thanks to the success of the ddb YouTube project & ddb mixtapes. So to all my people, whether you’ve been there from the start or if you’ve just become a fan & sent me some good vibes…I see you & I love y’all!

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“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” –
Jimi Hendrix

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