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Discovering new talent in the dance world is such a rewarding experience. It not only can open your eyes to new styles, it can also rekindle your excitement for viewing dance. This is what The Body Poets have done for me (and hopefully you after viewing their videos and reading this interview). In an online world filled with dance clones, it has become increasingly difficult to find quality, style, and uniqueness.

The Body Poets, however, are different. They bring style and finesse back with their choreography, much like the classic musical days of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. From using various genres of music to tell a story through dance, all the way to the mystery of who’s under the Superfan suits, this crew is has what it takes to entertain.

How and when did The Body Poets come together?
The Body Poets started in 2005. At first it was just the name of a project Kevin Brewer (Keibee of the Jabbawockeez) and I did. At the time I was a member of SGBM and he encouraged me to keep The Body Poets going, while he focused on Super Galactic Beat Manipulators and Jabbawockeez.

What styles of dance are you all trained in?
The cool thing about The Body Poets, is we all come from different dance backgrounds: breakin, poppin, hip hop, and choreography. We even have a tap dancer in the crew.

The Body Poets are putting out quality dance videos with some serious style. What’s the creative process you guys go through when putting together a video concept?
Thanks! Well, each video we do always starts off with picking the song..once we do that, we figure out where we wanna shoot it, who’s gonna be in it, and what the video will look like…after that its all logistics.

Speaking of videos and style, check out ‘The Body Poets’ newest release, “Mambo Italiano.” You know I couldn’t let you watch it without additional commentary first! The video was shot at the Goorin Brothers hat store in downtown San Diego. We really liked the song and thought it would be interesting to dance to. The challenge was the shoot itself. We only had 20 minutes to shoot it because a prior shoot ran longer, so there’s only 3 shots in this video and we did each of them in 1 take!

What are your dreams & goals as a group?
We are at a weird place right now. We have so many ideas and concepts, but we are limited by our budget. Our immediate goal is to put ourselves in a situation where we can afford complete creative freedom, and I guess the key to that is building our fan base and making some money.

Any shout-outs you’d like to give?
A big shout out to all of our Facebook fans, and everyone who supports us on YouTube! It keeps us going.

Bonus Questions – Clayton “C-Bass” Ashcraft ( asked the following questions:

What do you think about the new generation of poppers?
I think there is so much new talent out there, but it’s unfortunately misguided. YouTube is a great tool, but it shouldn’t be the basis of your dance education. There is no substitute for sessioning with friends, taking master classes, going to jams etc…

If you could compete against another masked crew, who would it be?
EASY! Jabbawockeez all the way. A lot of us trained with them and have a great deal of respect for them as a crew, and individually. But lets face it..we are always gonna be over shadowed by’s a Janet/Michael sorta thing, you know? I’d love to go toe to toe against them and show people how dope The Body Poets really are.

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