Interview with Shane Sparks – World-Famous Hip Hop Choreographer

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Shane Sparks is one of the most influential and creative hip-hop choreographers of all time and continues to share his innovative style of dance around the world. From choreographing the hottest dance films, to creating visual masterpieces for music videos, TV shows, and more, Shane has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

In our recent interview, Shane shares his thoughts on today’s hip-hop dance scene, discusses his current projects, gives valuable advice to dancers, and much more. How bout we let Shane take over from here….

Are there any Artists/Dancers you want to work with, but haven’t had the chance?

Yes, starting with Chris Brown, Usher, Ciara, Missy Elliott, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Diggy, and Tyga. Really anybody with the combination of hood, swag, sexy and represent control.

What are some of the current projects you are working on? Future projects?

Currently I’m judging and hosting The World of Dance tour. I have an Artist by the name of Eva Universe, who’s gonna put all Female dance artists to shame; her show is OUT OF HERE!!! She’s opening for Far East Movement’s tour which I choreographed her show, and she just got booked for a tour in China….Big Things!! Also doing my dance clothing line, and a dance movie that’s gonna change the game again the way YOU GOT SERVED did. TV shows and more..I’m very excited! And doing a video and some other work with Shane Barker.

How do you feel about today’s Hip Hop dance scene?

The hip hop scene…honestly in the underground it’s booming, but the media is not representing; they call anything hip hop now days. “Step up” represents and LXD I love that whole movement, but the real essence still hasn’t hit yet, and I’m gonna do my best to bring it to the surface. I have so much to say lol

What are some of the daily habits and disciplines required to become a professional dancer?

Of course lots of training, but the most important thing is self-respect. Some people get out here and just wanna be famous, that’s whack! Then you got the dancers who study the business and want more than just fame, they want to make a difference. I’ll explain more of this on my website I’ll be giving advice to up and coming dancers and hopefully help them from making the same mistakes I did.

Can you describe Shane Sparks creative process when choreographing a new piece?

My creativity comes from the music or I’m inspired by something very unique. I can hear a song and choreograph it in my head before I do a move. Sometimes I can see a movement and get inspired, and I’ll come home and bring it to life through dance, I can’t control it, it just happens. That’s what makes me so unique.

How important is it to have agency representation as a dancer?

It’s very important if your hot in the business, but, if you’re not hot it doesn’t matter who you’re with as it will not work unless you go get it yourself.

You mentioned on your YouTube channel that you are launching a clothing line soon; is there an official release date?

No date yet. I’m trying to get other things in order. I want people to want it before it comes out so I’m getting all my projects in order. It’s coming very soon though!!

What advice would you give to up and coming choreographers/dancers looking to break into the industry?

Be versatile and stay focused on your goals. Don’t do just any job; some jobs can hurt you and some choreographers can destroy your career. Be very selective to whom you give your talent too.

Any special shout outs you want to give?

Yes to the people who stuck behind me through my career…my Mother, my sisters, Diana aka Dragon, Troy Keith, Howard Misle, the Steffens family, Mary Rachel Kay Robert and Ann Marie from the Millennium, Gygic, Adita and God!

Is there anything else you would like to add, share, or announce?

Just want to say to anybody in the dance world, please come in the business to change it, do not sell out!!! We will never get our respect if we keep doing work for pennies. We should get paid like artist and athletes, we work hard!!!


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Because dancers aren’t taking acting classes. Please dancers, if you want to change this, get into acting classes. It would be crazy to see an actor in a dance movie doing a great job acting and murder the dance floor!

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“There’s nothing wrong with dance. It’s just an expression of how you feel inside and where the music takes you.” – Shane Sparks

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  1. Kailee Hoffman says:

    hey shane.
    im 15 years of age and i love to dance. but i have a problem. i cant dance for the rest of my life because of my knee. ive loved dance ever since i new i had some sort of a talent. i can sing but dancing is my biggest passion. i need advice.?
    What do i need to do to become a dance choreographer?
    Thank you
    Your biggest fan
    Kailee Hoffman

  2. C-Bass says:

    DG, Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on Shane! Shane is a true inspiration and keeps to the roots of what Hip Hop Dance is and where it came from! This was a wonderful interview and I hope more people see the “GOOD” of Shane!

    • admin says:

      No problem C-Bass! I agree 100%. Shane Sparks has paved the way for so many dancers and I look forward to seeing and hearing about all his future success’s. Thank you for your comment as well as your contributions to the dance community. We’re all part of this culture, so lets work to keep it positive! GT

  3. Jessica says:

    I’ve watched Shane Sparks judging on SYTYCD & ABDC, and love his relaxed method of giving feedback to dancers. He’s got that “SWAG” people always talk about. I’m definitely a fan of Shane’s choreography and a loyal supporter of Dancers Global for always sharing great stuff! Awesome. Jessica.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jessica,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Shane Sparks. He’s absolutely a legend in my eyes, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to interview such talent. I truly appreciate your support!

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