Legend Da Beatslaya – Rhythmatic Aggression Vol.1 (Labl’d Fresh Ent.)

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Another bangin collection of Funqstrumentalz by Legend Da Beatslaya titled Rhythmatic Aggression. Legend’s music has been featured in some of the hottest dance competitions, movies, TV shows, and dance videos (Les Twins, I.aM.mE, etc.). Now it’s your turn to get down to his beats!

Legend is also a ridiculously dope funkstyle popper! If you haven’t seen him get down, I’d recommend peeping out some of his videos. Matter of fact, search his name on YouTube, and you’ll easily find some of Legend’s Judge Solo’s. Any way you look at it, Legend is a beast with his music and on the dance floor. In addition, you will also want to check out Labl’d Fresh artist Chalice Serrano’s melodic vocals on Beauty & Da Beats Vol. 1. Enjoy!

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