Les Twins – Smashing the Competition

| March 24, 2011 | 2 Comments

If you are in any way associated with the world of dance, then you already know the deal when it comes to Les Twins. Laurent Bourgeois a.k.a “Lil’ Beast & Larry Bourgeois a.k.a “Ca-Blaze” are the French duo that smash the competition when it comes to “Twins style” dance as they have coined. The large fan base these guys have established, stem from every State and Country imaginable.

Just type the name (Les Twins) in Google and you will see and endless list of pages referencing them, including Battles, Fan pages, TV appearances, etc… I would also suggest watching some or all of their videos on Youtube starting with this one by Yak Films called “Rug Dealers.” This will give you a quick preview of their skills. Les Twins are also part of the Criminalz crew so check them out as well.
I had the privilege of actually meeting these guys at the 2010 World of Dance event in Vallejo, Ca. Watching these guys live is an experience I’ll never forget. They performed a routine in which they choreographed themselves to a sick and unique mixture of music (Which I also believe they mixed themselves.) After their showcase, I even had the opportunity to take pictures with these guys! Don’t be jealous…J/K

The message here is very clear. If you haven’t heard of Les Twins (Which is hard to believe) then tab over right now and do a search (Ok at least finish reading this.) Once you have watched a few of the battles they’ve been in such as, Juste Debout, you will see exactly what I mean when I say, “Smashing the Competition.” Les Twins have definitely earned the right to be called the best dance duo in the World In my book. I’m not even sure if they have ever lost…Is that possible?

Final message here is to open your eyes to new styles of dance, and experience visual pleasure by watching amazing entertainers like Les Twins. Now hurry go..go..go and watch their videos (Then come back and comment!) Enjoy!

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  1. Jessica says:

    I have seen these guys live and on youtube and I must say its hard to keep your eyes off of them when they start dancing. I have never seen a pair like Les Twins with such a unique talent! They blow me away! If they come to Cali again let us know DG!

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