Shane Sparks: What every dancer needs to know – Part 2

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What every dancer needs to know (Part 2) written by Shane Sparks

Stop dancing from a student’s point of view and dance from a dancers point of view.

The difference is a STUDENT depends on the move and the energy, to hide the fact they don’t understand the feel. A DANCER depends on the feel of a move and how much energy to apply.

A dancer can apply less energy to a move and make you feel it more, based off the emotion put into the move.

Students think the more energy and the more Choreography, the more believable they are as dancer. When in fact the best dancers can use less energy and produce the same point.

A real dancer makes Choreography look like they’re free styling

The music should talk to you; if you let the music guide you, you can never go wrong…don’t think, FEEL!

Before anyone starts to make their first move, listen to the music, find the beat that stands out the most, and listen to the Rhythm of the snare.

Listen to the bass line, the chords, and the melody of the lyrics.

All these elements tell you how to express the song. No sound or instrument is put in a song for no reason; it all plays its part to make the song Hot. So listen before you move.

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