Tryezz – Night Driven EP + Tryezz shares his inspiration behind the music!

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Tryezz releases his newest EP, “Night Driven” filled with Modern-Funk style sounds for your listening pleasure. This time, however, Tryezz is switching things up a little bit, yet remaining true to his signature style of sounds. You may recall hearing Tryezz’s track “Fadertron 787” in Bruce Ykanji’s Popping in Paris Parking Lot video by YAKfilms. His music has been featured in other dance videos as well. As a fan of Tryezz’s music, I wanted to find out his inspiration behind the music of his new EP. Here’s what he had to say…

Inspirations and thoughts behind “Night Driven EP.”
Basically, these tunes are the backdrop for that much needed night drive to clear the mind. I wanted it to capture different elements of the feeling of driving at night with the windows down through the highways, observing the city/street lights and sounds.They have that coolness to it, but they still got that knock to it. I wanted the songs to be groove-able. As always, I aim to take listeners on a journey. All it takes is an honest listen!

Over the years, I’ve become more solid in standing by my sound/artistry..not being afraid to do something different. Sometimes, you might not see the payoff right off the bat, but if you stay true, you end up leaving a lasting legacy. It’s not an easy road, but hey…if it’s something worth while, it shouldn’t be easy. Gotsta’ stay true. =)

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