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Recently I had the privilege to connect and interview the man of many talents, Vince Horiuchi AKA (Vincanity). Vince has an extensive background in Taekwondo, Breakdancing and choreography. What makes Vince stand out is his commitment and passion in the development of youth through the art of dance.

Can you give a little background about yourself and when you started dancing?

I started In high school with my brother, Chris Gallegos, Darren Wong and Victor Kim dancing in the hallways after school and in eachothers garages. We just did it for fun at that point, but eventually started taking it seriously and entering competitions. Before that I did Martial Arts since I was 5.

What/When was the defining moment that made you say, “This is what i want to do the rest of my life?”

When I started traveling to different places around the world (France, Canada, New York, Texas and Oregon) I saw how popular dance was and how passionate people are about what they do. I’m not sure If I can dance forever, but I definitely would like to be involved somehow and see young kids get better.

What inspires you personally to dance?

Fun. It was fun when I started and it is still fun! I teach dance to teach kids how to have fun and seeing them do that and accomplishing their personal goals really pushes me to accomplish mine.

What do you think it will take for the Sacramento dance scene to explode?

It just takes a good team behind it to push young kids to get better and older kids to chase their dreams. I have seen so many kids that have the potential to travel the world quit and end up doing nothing. It’s kind of depressing because a lot of talent has come out of Sacramento. Jabbawockeez and Quest had members from Sacramento but most people don’t see that. Our dance scene needs good mentors that will show the young ones the way and give hope to our future dancers.

How did Capitol Roots come together?

All of us were holding non-profit fundraisers on our own and we finally meet through mutual friends and began to do our events on a bigger scale. Eventually we were able to have a dance studio to hold classes and with our powers combined we held Trifecta. We plan to hold it again and it should be bigger and better than ever.

What advice would you give to those aspiring to become a dancer?

Learn your basics and make sure you find 1st why you love to dance. Many people like dance to get girls or to look cool but those are the wrong reasons. You have to find a true love for dance for you to be able to stick with it. Also find a good group of friends that share your passion and this will push you to go beyond your craziest dreams.

I hope this interview provided value and inspiration to you to go after your dreams, and be a model for the future generation of dancers. I want to thank Vince personally for taking time to share his passion and purpose with us all!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Great to see sac dancers getting noticed! Nice interview as well. I especially liked the part where he voiced that many people dance for attention or to attract the opposite sex but that shouldn’t be why a person should dance. Your “why” your passion for it should be the reason…what’s yours?

  2. Ron Thomas says:

    Great interview! There’s too much crazy out there. Dancing is a great thing for old and young alike. The kids love to dance! They start dancing before they even know what it is! Keep up the good work!

    • admin says:

      Thank you! Yes dance and music alike can bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially kids. If we can mentor kids as Vince stated in the interview, then they’d know that dance is a noble profession that they can pursue…Unfortunately most are programmed at a young age to conform to society and be a Doctor, Lawyer, etc….instead of mentors nurturing and helping them master their craft. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and giving your feedback…

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