YAKfilms BOTY Recap Video & Kash gives an Update on their “Why We Fly” American Airlines Contest

| September 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

This is the official Braun Battle Of The Year Recap Video by YAKfilms.

“Every year we try to feature the best and most innovative B-Boy crews from all over the world. One of our goals is to make this event as international as possible. The Battle Of The Year is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.”

YAKfilms “Why We Fly” American Airlines Update

YAKfilms – will be heading to Holland; then to Washington DC, to see if they are the Grand Prize Winner in the American Airlines Contest.

YAKfilms says, “Thanks for supporting us! We’ll let you know if we won as soon as we know!”

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