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“We’re gonna dance to the halls of freedom, tear down the walls – baby, we don’t need ‘em” – KRS-One, “Hip Hop Nation”

More than just another film soundtrack, Beat the World is the coming together of some of the world’s most prominent conscious Hip Hop artists as part of a vision to build new social paradigms through music and film.

When Somalian born new-school rapper and World Cup ambassador K’NAAN joined forces with one of Hip Hop’s most respected founding fathers, KRS-One, to record the film’s title track “Hip Hop Nation”, they were on a mission: to represent the positive voice and power of the world’s largest music-based cultural movement – Hip Hop. In addition to creating an original voice for Beat the World, they created an anthem for the evolution of the global Hip Hop movement.

“Hip Hop Nation” both drives the action of the film and emphasizes a shared underlying theme: we are all equal and united under one global movement, using music, dance and creativity to breakdown borders and stereotypes that may otherwise divide us.

In “Express Yourself”, reggae Icon Ziggy Marley and Nigerian-born powerhouse Nneka join forces to unveil another simple but crucial theme: our need for self-expression, whether through music, dance, art, film or freedom of speech.

Other notable collaborations on the soundtrack include the heroic “Infinite Love,” featuring top British rapper Sway together with the renowned lyrical wordsmith Talib Kweli, and the multi-lingual world-beat dance track “Must Be the Music” performed by Les Nubians (France), Lina (US) and MV Bill (Brazil).

The only solo artist track, the end title “Keep Shining” by Kenya-born Canadian Hip Hop artist Shad is guaranteed to rock and inspire as deeply as the best of Nas or Kanye West.

Beat the World, written and directed by Robert Adetuyi (Stomp the Yard), is an engaging drama about top international dance crews coming from around the world to Detroit to compete in the International Hip Hop Dance Competition.

The film also introduces a new dance style that combines traditional B-Boy & Street Dancing with more extreme forms of Parkour and Free-Style Running. The release of Beat the World marks the first synthesis of these styles on the silver screen, further pushing the edge of traditional forms in dance and music.

The more soulful vibe of “Express Yourself” underscores a stunning montage in the film spanning three countries. Nina, Yuson and Maria (the three main characters) each work through their own internal struggles by dancing solo on their respective rooftops high above the bustling streets of Berlin, Detroit, and Rio De Janeiro.

Beat the World is the first international Hip Hop soundtrack featuring cross-cultural collaborations between these highly prominent and socially conscious artists. Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Frank Fitzpatrick traveled the globe to write and record original songs with these innovative masters to show how the powerful influence of global Hip Hop culture can inspire, empower and connect the world’s youth.

Both the film and the soundtrack will be distributed in over 20 countries throughout the Summer of 2011, starting on June 14th. With an unprecedented launching sale price of $5.99 for full album downloads on iTunes, Fitzpatrick hopes to make the soundtrack accessible to a wider global audience.

More than just another album, the Beat the World Soundtrack is part of EarthTones’ Music with a Heart series. A portion of the proceeds from the soundtrack will help underserved students attend Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy.

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“How you act, walk, look and talk is all part of Hip Hop culture. And the music is colorless. Hip Hop music is made from Black, brown, yellow, red and white.” Afrika Bambaataa

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